Acceptance In Love

Why It Matters What Other People Think Of Your LoveR

Parents And Your BoyfriendMost people can openly admit that they’ve been in a relationship where maybe their friends or their families were not happy with their choice. The problem with our society is that we tend to focus too much on what other people think of our actions and our love matches. Many people will go on to tell you that you should ignore what friends and family are saying and just date whomever you want.

With that said, there’s a time and a place when you do need to care about what others think of your love matches. If pretty much everyone you know is against your relationship from the get-go, could there be an ounce of truth to their thoughts and feelings?

Here’s the first scenario: you’re in a relationship with the man or woman of your dreams, but your friends and family are complaining that you’re not spending enough time with them. Eventually, your friends and family may start to turn against you and outright oppose the relationship. In this case, it’s worth considering the opinions of others because it helps you recognise the fact that you’ve changed quite a bit for the worse since you started seeing this particular person. In a normal healthy relationship you should have time for your family, your friends and your lover.

The second scenario: your partner seems all too controlling and he or she is starting to think for you. If your friends and family are starting to recognise the signs of an abusive relationship, it’s worth listening to them. What they think may be the honest truth and you paying attention to them can mean that you are able to see that maybe the relationship isn’t going anywhere.

There are instances, as you can see, when you do need to take into consideration the opinion of others. No, you shouldn’t stop dating someone because they aren’t as sexy as your ex or your friends don’t like their religious orientation. However, if family and friends are both an integral part of your life, being in a relationship with someone they don’t trust or respect can cause you to drift apart. So, without throwing caution to the wind, the opinions of others in regards to your love partner, do matter.

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