Love And Expectations

3 Reasons To Change Your Expectations Of Love

Loving Realistically

It may seem odd to think of going into a relationship without heightened expectations. After all, shouldn’t you settle for nothing less than the best? That mindset isn’t necessarily bad; but if left unchecked you run the risk of one of these problems:

You’ll Discourage Yourself Before You Ever Begin

If you think that every relationship should be sunshine and rainbows, you may be dooming yourself from EVER finding someone to fall in love with. You must enter your relationships with realistic expectations. Most people who can’t hold together a relationship fail because they believe that there is no one out there for them. There is someone for everyone; but you’ll never find them if you don’t allow yourself to open your eyes and see a person for what they are!

You Will Miss The Good In All Of Your Potential Partners

Having high expectations for a relationship is usually the main reason that a couple will break up. If you go in putting your partner on a pedestal, or if you put the general idea of a relationship on a pedestal, then you are doomed to failure. It will be a question of when and not if. You have to learn to go into a relationship with a mindset of excitement at exploring another human being. Don’t expect them to fit some mold that you have created in your mind. Delight in learning about your partner, all of the pieces that make them the person you became attracted to in the first place.

You Will Be Well Equipped For The Potential Of Failure

Sometimes a little bit of fatalism can be a good thing, especially when it comes to a relationship. The chances that your next partner will be your soulmate are slimmer than you think. As you begin to build a life in the romantic world you are going to need to make mistakes and you’ll need to learn what you do and do not like. To accomplish this, you need to be prepared for a relationship to end at any time. The mindset of preparing for the worst and hoping for the best will serve you well.

This reality check is not meant to temper love for you entirely. Being a hopeless romantic is not a bad thing on its own. You simply need to learn to balance things out. It’s the biggest key to having a successful love life and with the right amount of mental discipline you will learn to control your emotions and love someone the way they are meant to be loved.

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